EME - Marketing & Eventos

About us

Founded in 2002 by Maria Graça and Maria Martins, EME- Marketing & Events is the first events company in Cape Verde. 

Its mission is to overcome challenges and barriers to always offer a service of high excellence and at a fair price, focusing on creativity and innovation. 

We are a strong, cohesive and dedicated team that is constantly training and adapting to show you the best way and the best strategy to start, maintain and grow your business idea or enterprise in a balanced and productive way, all at a fair and attractive cost. 

By taking care of your company's image, by organizing your events efficiently and effectively, by conceiving, architecting, and implementing your marketing strategy for your products and services, we assure you success based on a know-how forged in several years of experience and recognition for the work done. 

We invite you to get to know us better and to prove that, indeed, the emotions are created!

Our team


Sofia Silveira

Sofia Silveira - Accounter


Maria Graça

Maria Graça - Managing Partner

Maria Martins

Maria Martins - Managing Partner

Design & Multimedia

Karine Gomes

Karine Gomes - Graphic Designer

Ivanildo Robalo

Ivanildo Robalo - Graphic Designer

Gestão e Desenvolvimento de Projectos

Lucineia Monteiro

Lucineia Monteiro - Project Manager

Silvestre Ramos

Silvestre Ramos - Prod. assistant

Mónica Tavares

Mónica Tavares - Project Manager

Gestão e Desenvolvimento de Projectos

Teresa Sofia Fortes

Teresa Sofia Fortes - Communication Specialist

Serviços Administrativos e Financeiros

José Carvalho

José Carvalho - Driver

Maria do Carmo

Maria do Carmo - Gen. Services Assistant

Cassius Spencer

Cassius Spencer - Administrative assistant

Serviços Administrativos e Financeiros

Mirian Barros

Mirian Barros - Secretary and PR